“Marriage, The promise between two people who love each other, and who trust in that love, who honor each other as individuals and who choose to spend the rest of their lives together”

Welcome to the website of Donna Laing – Marriage and Civil Union Celebrant.

I’m Donna Laing, manager of a local family support center, partner of a self-employed farmer, mother, grandmother, social worker and a lover of my home town.

For several years I had been considering the opportunity and possibility of becoming a wedding and Civil union celebrant as through my personal and business experiences I have learned to understand and relate to people with different abilities, cultures and looks on life.

My promise to you –

I promise whether you’re after small gathering, a formal ceremony, a large gathering, or even a themed wedding, I promise to bring together a ceremony and day that reflects your own personalities, a ceremony exactly the way you want it so that it is truly memorable for you and your loved ones.


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